eMeals Review

I have never been confident in the kitchen.  I never took a home ec class. I never signed up for a cooking class.  My mom (a work-at-home mom) relied on frozen dishes, so I have no secret family chalupa recipe.

I have the hardest time thinking up new dishes.  I don’t have the patience to look through recipe books to find a week’s worth of ideas.  The icing on this sad cake?  I’m down right awful at making grocery lists.  We’re at the grocery store 2-3 times per week, no joke.

When I heard about eMeals I was skeptical.  It would take a lot more than an email to help me.

When I signed up I was pleasantly surprised.  I was promised a week of recipes plus the grocery list.  All geared toward the grocery store of my choice, family size (3-6 servings), and food plan of choice: (healthy, classic, organic, clean, gourmet, paleo, low fat, low carb or gluten free)!  eMeals has to be the recipe fairy.

eMeals Review

Each week I receive an email from eMeals with a list of seven meals. SEVEN!  Main courses and side dishes. Side dishes that actually compliment the main meal!   No “dashes” nor “pinches”, but real reliable measurements.
emeals review
The next page to this wonderful email is the list of ingredients broken down like a grocery list but far more organized than any list I had ever created.

emeals review
The grocery list is so simple, my son can read it clearly and help while I shop!
 There are no questions about my handwriting or abbreviations.  The total amount of the grocery list is already printed at the bottom, so you can easily see how this falls into your grocery budget!

As a busy homeschool mom I appreciate: no meal planning frustration. No typing up side dishes. No figuring out portions for grocery lists.  No hassle. No guess work!

You can even change your family’s meal plan once per month.  Because let’s be honest and admit picking “vegetarian” sounded smart, but when I had no idea what aisle majority of the ingredients lived at … it wasn’t my best choice.

Another benefit of eMeals? I am not crazy for recipes without pictures. Remember, I’m cooking for dummies?  Thankfully you can search your recipe on the eMeals blog.  I just have to remember to do it!

The only thing I’m not fond of … I can’t figure out how to work around when you omit one of the seven recipes. (because hubs hates meatloaf and shepherds pie – don’t judge).  You will have to find the ingredients on the grocery list and make sure you do not purchase them.  It is easy; I have just forgotten a time or five.  However, with all the benefits of eMeals – this is not a deal breaker.

Our favorite meal from emeals (so far)? Crock pot pork chops. Most tender chops I have ever had!

But how much does it cost? eMeals offers 3 different payment options: 3 months: $21 ($7 per month), 6 months: $35 ($6 per month), or 12 months: $58 ($5 per month)

Bloggers: They have a “bloggers network”, so sign up!  Follow eMeals on twitter and/or facebook!

We are thrilled eMeals is partnering with the 2:1 Conference! (attendees, look for something from eMeals in your swag bags).

*The opinions expressed are my personal, honest opinions. Your experience may vary. This is not a paid review. This is not a review in exchange for membership.  Referral links included.

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Stef is a homeschooling mom to two energetic superheroes. She believes in hands-on interest-led learning. Married to a busy traveling golf course architect, they have taken their homeschool on the road to enjoy many field trips. Stef is the Author of Educating Laytons, Conference Coordinator and Host of The Titus 2:1 Conference, Creator of The Homeschool Village, and Homeschool Community Manager for The Happy Housewife.
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