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At 2:1, you’ll connect with brands that are relevant to you, as a blogger and homeschool mom. These brands bring it!  They appreciate not only what you do, but who you are, and are eager to build lasting relationships.


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Apologia is a family-owned corporation with the mission to help homeschooling families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith. This is accomplished in large part by attending 40-45 homeschool conferences each year in order to give homeschoolers an opportunity to see, touch, and review our products and resources. Apologia staff and speakers are frequently available to present workshops at conferences where they explain how to use our products and curriculum for science, Bible, worldview, homeschooling and other subjects. Apologia is unique among homeschool companies in that we have a team of conference speakers who give keynote and featured presentations.

Apologia Academy offers online courses using the latest technology available. We currently offer courses in the sciences, Bible, worldview, and apologetics. Our teachers are educated, trained, and experience in the subject matter they teach.

Apologia publishes books and curriculum that are written by a wide variety of authors. We offer creation-based science curriculum for K-12, worldview curriculum for ages six to fourteen, practical and inspirational books about homeschooling, and other topics of interest to homeschool families.

HomeWorks by Precept
Homeschool Manager

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HomeWorks By Precept is the division of Precept Marketing dedicated to providing the homeschool community with the best textbooks and resources available for Christian home education. Our primary product line is BJU Press.

We want your child’s homeschool experience to be a success—not just in the short term, but for life. That’s why we provide top-quality curriculum that teaches not just what to think, but how to think. We’ve selected curriculum that emphasizes strong critical thinking skills within the framework of a biblical worldview. Students learn more than disconnected facts; they learn to master topics and connect them to real life.



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Helping students to write well is one of the most daunting tasks facing teachers and homeschool parents.

Award-winning WriteShop offers quality, parent-approved writing resources for kindergarten through high school, helping new and veteran homeschoolers alike teach writing with confidence.

Engaging, step-by-step lessons present students with the building blocks of the writing process—pre-writing, brainstorming, writing, and revising—and help you edit and evaluate their work.

Teaching writing has never been easier!


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Created in 2014 by three homeschooling families, Homeschool Manager is the easiest and simplest way to track grades, print report cards and transcripts, and get homeschool tasks done.

Homeschool Manager is a web-based, cloud application which means you can use it from any desktop or laptop and even tablets like iPads. You choose how your kids manage their schedule: give them the tablet so they can follow their schedule, make notes on tasks, and check things off -or- print a weekly schedule for them!

Homeschool Manager makes life easier.


ebook curriculum

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7 Sisters Innovative Homeschool Helps publishes ebook curriculum and offers practical, no-cookie-cutter equipping to homeschoolers via the internet at 7SistersHomeschool.com. Our curriculum is easily adaptable to various learning styles and levels of rigor, we provide expert blog posts on hundreds of homeschool topics, and we offer one-on-one coaching or group events to help homeschoolers everywhere.

We love to provide encouragement and equipping to homeschoolers at every stage of the journey, but we particularly focus on the middle school and high school years. Homeschool moms ourselves for more than 2 decades, we would love to encourage lots of “little sisters” in their homeschooling adventures!


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The publisher of Family Magazine and the Well Planned Day, Home Educating Family Association (HEDUA) is a team of homeschool moms just like you. Our goal is to equip families with organizational and planning products along with encouraging articles and supportive resources.

It is our mission to inspire homeschool parents to nurture loving relationships while raising up a generation of children who are spiritually and intellectually equipped, not just to survive, but to go out and change the world. …and changing the world – starts at home.


Reading Horizons

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Reading Horizons respects the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. We believe, in a very real sense, that the effective or ineffective functioning of people is this world’s greatest source of progress and happiness or its greatest source of regression and frustration. We are concerned about the growing population of youth and adults who cannot participate in the mainstream of society because they have not learned to read.

As our company name suggests, our goal is to provide a dynamic, successful way for people to reach beyond their limitations and discover new horizons by learning to read. Accordingly, Reading Horizons is dedicated specifically to helping people learn to read so that they can be better prepared to accomplish real‐life tasks that face them every day and so they can create opportunities to expand their horizons in the future.

Homeschool Radio Network

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Media Angels, is your homeschool partner, bringing you the best in Creation unit studies, classes and novels; history classes; parenting; fiction writing; and publishing and business books. The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, brought to you by Media Angels, strives to bring you the best Christian, homeschool speakers who will inform, inspire and encourage listeners around the world –for free, 24/7.

Homeschool Blogging

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Homeschool Blogging connects bloggers, brands and homeschooling parents through the brand new Homeschool Blogging Connection team, while continuing to provide strong blogger and brand support and information through our website.

Homeschool companies create amazing products. Bloggers have the ability to get those products in front of thousands of people every day.

It’s time we combine our efforts!


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At Teaching Textbooks, we realize that one of the things that makes homeschooling so superior from an academic standpoint is that students are free to work with a customized curriculum at their own pace. This allows for truly individualized instruction.

However, most textbooks are designed for classroom use not individual study, which is why much of the needed instruction is left out. The assumption is that the teacher will fill in the details.

The idea behind Teaching Textbooks was to create products that include everything that’s in a normal textbook plus all of the instruction the student typically receives in class.

In fact, the Teaching Textbook program offers more instruction than most students get in a classroom setting, enabling homeschoolers to retain their freedom to work independently without giving up the instruction they need to succeed.

kids bible study

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We believe all students can understand the Bible and respond to the Gospel. Young students learn the major characters and events through hearing the Bible read, stick figuring the passage, and answering questions about lessons. The method for young children is Hear-Draw-Review.

Once students reach first grade we introduce them to the timeline of the Bible. The first lesson in each study is the timeline, with subsequent lessons related to a character or event found on the timeline.

The method for older students is Read-Draw-Review. With each progressive age, we attempt to introduce students to more Scripture, basic Bible geography, and how to use Bible study skills such as a Bible dictionary.

Our desire is to see all students learn the process of Bible study in order to become confident and skilled in studying God’s Word on their own. If you want a Bible study that simplify your planning, engage your children, and help them grow in their faith, Grapevine is for you!

Homeschool Copywork

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Homeschool Copywork provides beautiful options for copywork, hymn study, artist study, notebooking and more. Selections for copywork quotes and all other materials are carefully chosen to reflect a Christian worldview while inspiring students to further explore the art, hymn, literature or history represented. At least two new e-books to inspire learning are added to the yearly membership each month. Beautiful graphics or artwork illustrate each page and many of these graphics can be colored by the student when they finish their work. Bonus ebooks are added to the membership and often include complimentary coloring pages. Try Homeschool Copywork with our free membership and enjoy free books!

A Mama's Story


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Over the years people approached me with questions regarding homeschooling, working with special needs children, herbal remedies, and natural parenting (including pregnancy/ birth). My hope is to provide a place where folks can come for information and inspiration.

To complement my herbal studies, I’ve completed additional courses covering holistic wellness, aromatherapy and aromatic medicine, all from an evidence-based perspective. I’m currently working towards becoming a Master Herbalist and a Natural Health Educator. For the past three years, our family has used Young Living Essential Oils, and I love to share how they’ve helped our family to stay well and to thrive in our homeschool journey.


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Union28 offers a line of marriage apparel for husbands and wives who want to honor each other and make a positive statement about marriage.

It is our mission to encourage marriage relationships, to communicate a positive image of marriage and to honor the sanctity of the marriage covenant between a husband and his wife in a fun and stylish way.

Celebrate your spouse in style!

Como Blog Connection

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The Como Blog Connection is a membership home for thought leaders, bloggers, online creatives and entrepreneurs, giving you the encouragement, resources, supportive community and coaching that you need to reach success in the online world.
Here is what one member had to say: “Best part of my week? I received a great list of things to work on from my coach! If you haven’t had coaching with Katie yet, you are in for a treat! I felt like I got more inspiration and advice in half an hour from her than I’ve gotten from everyone else around me in the past several months. She simplified everything, pointed out things I hadn’t seen, and offered a tangible list of goals. If you haven’t signed up yet…make sure you do!”


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WriteAtHome exists to help middle and high school students grow their writing skills. We offer various on line classes that include an engaging, structured curriculum and personal writing coaches.

Our coaches are all friendly, experienced writing tutors who wok with students through the process of writing. WriteAtHome is a complete writing program that has helped thousands of students of all ability levels.



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The Yellow Day movie is a high quality, partially animated, fun film for families and more. It features true stories and incredible miracles, all made to show people when they accept grace, they are shaped into who they are meant to be.

Within Yellow Day are rich lessons and insights on the power of grace, and its qualities: faith, hope, and love. On top of this, our film shows true heroes from the outreach community, including those who have overcome challenges in the special needs, oncology, and domestic abuse community.


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Jen exists to boldly excite, ignite, and inspire others in their Kingdom journeys. Busy homeschooling mom of two daring boys, she and her husband Luis lead a local stewardship ministry and hit the road whenever possible. Jen is the founder of WordTraveling.com, is the Educational Travel Guroo for Trekaroo.com, inspires others to GO! and is passionate about poetry and training up the next generation of leaders.

Zoo Cutie Printables

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Zoo Cutie Printables brings together fun, crafting, organizing and heart felt memory keeping by utilizing handmade details. All items in the shop and on the blog are handmade and are meant to help create and celebrate life’s moments. Even if they are not milestone moments! The goal in providing our printables is to encourage, inspire and equip others with the tools needed to start making memories and enjoying life the handmade way!


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Perfectly Posh knows you deserve to be pampered. Using naturally based products, we pamper the skin your in! We don’t use parabans or sulfates that are harmful to your skin – or the skins of those you love. We offer a great product and a sisterhood. Posh With Mandy is an independent consultant off of Perfectly Posh.

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