2:1 Conference Breakout Speakers 2014We are happy to announce the 2014 2:1 Conference Breakout Speakers and Sessions!

This year we will offer 3 tracks per breakout: Family, Blogging 101, and Blogging 201.
We want to best fit your needs, so our breakouts do no require signing up before the conference or sticking to one track.

Family Management
with Lisa Pennington, The Pennington Point
We are called to be family managers, but then add homeschool lessons, errands, ministry, and hobbies  … how do we do it all? Lisa will provide practical tips to help with your family management.

Technology and Homeschool with Leah Nieman
Interested in allowing your children to learn online, but not sure about how that looks? Join Currclick co-founder and homeschool mom Leah as she shares how you can easily incorporate technology into your homeschool.

Living Life Offline with Jen Schmidt, Beauty and Bedlam
We love our blogs, but we also need to love where God has placed us in our community.  Jen will share encouragement to help us unplug when we need to as well as how to bring the passions of our blog to our community so we influence the “IRL” people around us!

No Small Blogs with Linda Difino, The Joyful Journey
God has not called everyone to make an income from their blog, but rather to use it as a ministry.  Linda shares her heart to encourage you that there are no “small blogs”.

Writing Your Niche with Tracy Klicka, Tracy Klicka
Does your blog look like a hodgepodge of posts that really do not define you?  Feel lost online because you can’t describe what your blog offers?  Are you juggling too many category hats and unhappy with the voice of your blog? Tracy wants to share wisdom how you can write what you love by discovering your niche.

Start Managing Blog Income with Connie Hughes, Smockity Frocks
If you’ve just created a media kit and signed up for affiliates you’ll want to learn how to budget that fluctuating income. Frugal friend and blogger Smockity Frocks will share tips to start planning on using your paypal account for more than just “play money”.

Advanced Business Blogging with Toni Anderson, The Happy Housewife
Now that you’re generating a steady revenue, what now?  Get these valueable tips and mentoring from Toni who has worked with OxiClean, The Pork Council, Savings.com, and built up The Happy Housewife.

Writing For Real with Colleen Kessler, Raising Lifelong Learners
If you’ve transitioned from journal blog writing and want to write informative evergreen articles learn from a published writer!  Colleen will share tips to meet promo post and review deadlines, how to write informative articles, and look at the real life time required behind getting published.

HTML Demystified with Amanda Pelser, The Pelsers
You don’t have to be an expert in coding or WordPress to handle the backend of your blog. Learning some basics of HTML, CSS, PhP, mySQL, and some WordPress tips and tricks will save you time, money, and more importantly your sanity.  Join Amanda as she helps you understand how to fix common issues.

Panel: Work At Home Moms with Heidi St. John, Leslie Nunnery, Toni Anderson, and Sherri Segilson
This WAH panel will offer advice and answer questions how to manage a job in the home, homeschool demands, and the family.

Photography Workshop with Jamie Worley, See Jamie Blog.  Wonder how a professional photographer takes photos?  Jamie will offer valuable photography tips to help make your photos look better for your blog! (please note: everyone owns a different camera – this workshop is to give a general overview how to take better pictures not how to use a certain camera).

Sunday Morning In The Word with Sherri Seligson
Join Sherri early Sunday morning for a beautiful, encouraging teaching time from God’s Word.

Prayer Circles, Heidi St. John, Sherri Seligson, Leslie Nunnery, Cheryl Pitt, Stef Layton.
This year we will carve out some time to offer a place for you to pray and be prayed over.  This prayer time is not manditory, but loving available.  Five different prayer warriors will lead five different circles: Marraige, Homeschool, Mom of Young Children, Mom of Teens, and Woman’s Heart.  We believe in the power of prayer and lifting one another up!