The following Code of Conduct explains the behavioral expectations for all attendees (this includes all staff, speakers and sponsor representatives) of the entire weekend of the 2:1 Conference (which focuses on business, homeschool and Christian faith), October 7-9, 2016, as well as instructions for reporting harassment and other unacceptable behavior.

Anyone found in violation of this Code of Conduct will be expected to leave the 2:1 Conference immediately and permanently with no recourse.

The 2:1 Conference strives to provide a welcoming atmosphere via:

  • Respect. Treat each other the way you wish to be treated. This extends to the way we speak to one another. Kind actions. Kind words.
  • Congeniality. All are welcome regardless of sex, race, color, ethnicity, culture, social and economic class, educational level, age, weight, political views and religion.
  • Responsibility and Integrity. Should there be an incident or disagreement all parties are expected to use their best efforts to right the wrong through polite discussion, consideration, and amends.

The definition of harassment:

  • Offensive comments related to sex, race, color, ethnicity, culture, social and economic class, educational level, age, weight, political views and religion.
  • Unwelcome physical contact without consent or continued after a request to stop
  • Deliberate intimidation or incitement of violence
  • Stalking or persistent following
  • Sustained disruption of discussions or sessions
  • Rude, lewd, or lascivious images, discussion, or jokes
  • Publication of private communication

Reporting Issues:

If you have concerns or experience harassment please take the following steps to file an official and actionable report. All reports will be handled with discretion.

  • Email
  • Include the subject line “INCIDENT REPORT”
  • Include your contact information
  • Name the offending party
  • Give your account of what occurred
  • If available, list any witnesses to corroborate your account

After filing an official report you will be personally contacted to verbally review the incident and follow up with any additional questions. A team decision will be made as how to respond. Both the reporting and offending parties will be privately notified of any action to take place.

If the offending party is part of the 2:1 team, they will recuse themselves from handling your incident.

We will not respond to complaints regarding:

  • Healthy debate and disagreement
  • Communicating in a tone you find rude or off-putting
  • Reasonable boundary requests such as “leave me alone” or “go away”

Additional Unacceptable Behavior:

  • Drunkenness
  • Use of illicit drugs
  • Sustained cursing
  • Bullying

These behaviors are also grounds for revocation of your 2:1 pass.