Eventbrite - 2:1 Conference 2016

What do you call the Titus 2:1 Conference for short?
We call it 2:1. pronounced “two-to-one.” When we write ‘2:1’ for short, it looks like a ratio and we read it as such.

What can I expect at 2:1?
You can expect a warm and loving atmosphere, a crowd of friendly attendees who truly want to get to know you, and to feel the love of God poured out on His people all weekend. 2:1 is known for a welcoming atmosphere in which attendees can grow their heart as well as blog and/or business.

Is 2:1 a good conference for a first time conference-goer?
Yes! 2:1 is small enough to provide an unintimidating and intimate atmosphere, yet also large enough to facilitate great networking opportunities.

How is 2:1 different from other conferences?
2:1 is all about community. You will go home with not only new connections and knowledge, but also a community who values you and wants to support your goals.

Do I need to be a homeschooler, blogger, or Christian to attend?
You don’t have to fit into the Christian homeschool blogger box to attend. However, be prepared to hear much about all three subjects.

Is there a minimum age for 2:1?
You must be 18 to purchase a ticket and 17 to attend. Nursing babies/infants are welcome. However if they begin to cry, out of respect for other attendees, please leave the session. Speakers will be happy to fill you in on what was missed.

What should I wear?
Whatever you normally do. It doesn’t matter if you wear skirts only or if you’re a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Come as you are. The important thing is that you’re here, enjoying fellowship with like-minded people.

Where is 2:1 held?
2:1 moves location each year. In 2017 we will be at the Westin Dulles hotel in Herndon, VA.

What does my ticket include?
Your 2:1 ticket includes admission, entry to general and breakout sessions as well as all group activities, parties, and some meals.

How much does a 2:1 ticket cost?
2017 tickets are FREE! You will be charged $200 to hold your spot. After check-in your $200 will be refunded.

Are tickets refundable?
No, tickets are not refundable. However, tickets are transferable with a $10 administration fee, up to 3 weeks prior to 2:1.

I cannot attend all weekend, do you offer day passes?
We’re sorry, at this time we do not offer day passes.

What airport do I fly into?
The closest major airport is Dulles International IAD. The Westin offers a free shuttle to the hotel.

When should I plan to arrive and depart?
Plan to arrive at the hotel no later than 2pm Friday to participate in the pre-conference events. Depart the hotel no earlier than 1pm on Sunday.

Can I get a personal sponsor?
You are welcome to secure a personal sponsor however we ask you to abide by the 2:1 Personal Sponsorship Policy.

How do I find a personal sponsor?
We encourage you to send inquiries to companies with whom you’ve worked in the past and would like to work with in the future. It is poor etiquette to approach the official conference sponsors for personal sponsorship.

I’d like a roommate, how do I find one?
A great place to start is the 2:1 Network Facebook group (everyone is welcome) and the 2017 attendee group (for ticket holders only). Next, try the 2:1 Conference hashtag on Twitter, #2to1Conf. Jump in the conversation and see who else might be looking for a roomie.

I have food allergies, are you able to accommodate them?
Yes, a few weeks before the conference you will be asked about any specific food allergies. We will relay this information to the venue and do our best to accommodate your needs.