The 2:1 Conference desires to come alongside bloggers that also homeschool. We respect the decisions you have made regarding your time and we desire to equip you to use your gifts for God’s glory. At 2:1 we will not weigh you down with unattainable online objectives. Instead…

2:1 will guide you to:

  • better use your online time
  • be effective with your gifts
  • grow your online business skills
  • (and most importantly) strengthen your relationship with Christ because you are a wife and mother first.

Helping you live a balanced and fulfilling life matters to us! Therefore, our keynote speakers are all dedicated to life encouragement. We want to meet you where you are and spur you on to greater heights as you walk the unique path God has laid before your family.

In addition to encouraging keynotes, we offer three workshop tracks centered on 1) family and home, 2) novice blogger skills, and 3) experienced blogger advancement. You stick to one track, or mix it up throughout the conference.  It’s about choosing what you need, when you need it.

2:1 Conference

2:1 is more than a conference – it’s a community (we encourage you to join the supportive 2:1 community!). And, behind the scenes are light-hearted women who desire to see God glorified.

Founder, Cheryl Pitt

Cheryl Pitt
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 Cheryl Pitt is the owner of CLP International LLC and founder of The 2:1 Conference. As a Christian, wife, homeschool mother, and avid social media user, she has a heart for strong family values and the companies that promote them. Sensing a need to help establish homeschool bloggers online and support family-friendly business, Cheryl combined her passions to create The 2:1 Conference. 2:1 is a faith-based conference for homeschooling parents active in social media. Here, she works to honor God while bringing bloggers and brands together in order to form mutually beneficial partnerships.

Website Manager, Lisa Walters

Editor Lisa Walters

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Lisa is wife to one Army Chaplain, homeschool mom to two beautiful teen girls, editor, writer, dark chocolate fanatic, Jane Austen reader, and sometimes crossword puzzle worker. After living in Indiana for the past 16 years, her family was recently transferred by the Army to Fort Hood, Texas where she is learning to say ya’ll. You can find her at her blog, The Army Chap’s Wife, and her editing website, For Love of Words.

Hospitality Team


2:1 Hospitality TeamThe hospitality team is comprised of women who support 2:1 all year round through prayer, encouragement, and hands-on help. Memorize these faces – at 2:1 these women will be available to welcome you, make you feel at home, find your way around conference rooms, and answer any questions you may have. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find it! They’re helpful like that.

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