Eventbrite - 2:1 Conference 2015

We’re honored you want to invest in yourself, your homeschool, and your blog by attending the 2:1 Conference. Our heart is to provide you with a blessed weekend full of education, connection, happy tears, and laughter. We understand the cost of attending 2:1 might require some creativity – which may mean personal sponsorship.

You are encouraged to seek out personal sponsorship–we wholly support brand to blogger relationships. However, the 2:1 Conference would not exist without the support of our official sponsors.

In order to honor our official 2:1 sponsors and demonstrate our appreciation of their support, there are a few guidelines we ask you to abide by. Anyone found in violation of these guidelines may have their conference ticket revoked without warning or refund.

What’s NOT Allowed

  • Attendees may not set up or in any way display materials on behalf of a personal sponsor.
  • Attendees may not distribute materials on behalf of a personal sponsor in the following areas: general session room, breakout rooms, or vendor area.
  • Attendees may not host any party, gathering, etc. during scheduled conference times.

What Can I Do?
There are plenty of options for representing a personal sponsor while at 2:1. Although, we strongly encourage you to think outside the conference box. Why? First and foremost, you’ll be busy! The 2:1 schedule is full of great speakers and activities and you won’t want to worry about promoting a sponsor while bustling about.

Second, sponsorship is about more than a weekend away for you. You’re cultivating a unique and valuable brand-to-blogger relationship. Your sponsor agreement should be as unique and varied as you are – not just a weekend of passing out flyers. Create for your sponsor an exciting campaign comprised of all your social media facilities.

While attending 2:1

  • Wear or carry branded clothing and bags
  • Use customized laptop skins displaying sponsor logo
  • Place sponsor information on the back of your business cards
  • Tweet about your sponsor on the conference hashtag #2to1Conf
  • Host suite parties during free/unscheduled time (not during official conference hours)

Other Suggestions

  • Create a post series about your sponsor
  • Give your sponsor ad space on your blog
  • Send out an eblast or newsletter about your sponsor
  • Provide your sponsor consultation services
  • Share about them on all your social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Agree upon promotion of sales and holiday promotions for your sponsor
  • Become a sponsor affiliate and encourage others to do the same

With a little thought and planning, the options are endless. Good Luck!