2017 speakers will be announced in the months to come. Until then, get to know our wonderful 2016 speakers.


Every year, 2:1 is dedicated to bringing you keynotes that will inspire and uplift, and this year is no exception! When you return home you will know your value as a daughter of the King and see your place in the home with new eyes.

Apron of Grace: Serving God With Joy
Brooke Taylor
Based on 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-8 "Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus." In this talk, Brooke focuses on serving God with joy. With practical prayers and humor, Brooke offers techniques for developing holy habits for any station in life.
For nearly a decade, Brooke Taylor was the co-host of the “Family Friendly Morning Show” on 95.5 The Fish in Cleveland, OH. Brooke has emceed events with Christian artists and speakers, including Dr. James Dobson, Beth Moore, TobyMac, Michael W. Smith, Mandisa, Dr. Franklin Graham, and many more. Brooke is the host of the annual Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant, and also involved in the ministry Food for the Poor. She has traveled to Guatemala and Haiti to raise awareness and funds for the poorest of the poor. Brooke and her Army Veteran husband Jim have five children: four sons and a daughter they adopted from Poland. Currently, Brooke is the host of the podcast "Good Things Radio," chosen by iTunes as "New and Notable." Brooke also maintains a blog at “The Sacred Sink.”
About Brooke
Choosing Faith Over Fear
Carlisha Williams
Have you always dreamed of responding to the burning desires within your heart to do more with your life? Carlisha will challenge us to pin-point our purpose and activate our inner go-getter to stand for something much greater than ourselves by Choosing Faith Over Fear. Based on her breakout book, released in November 2015, this is a powerful, inspirational session for dream chasers who are ready to stretch beyond limits, burst through barriers and relentlessly pursue their true calling.
An acclaimed philanthropic leader, U.S. Goodwill Ambassador, educator, and social enterprise consultant, Carlisha Williams is a woman who lives a life of passion, purpose, and faith. As the founder of Women Empowering Nations (WEN), a nonprofit devoted to the educational and leadership development of girls and her integrative social enterprise consultancy, Carlisha Williams International, she is leaving an unmistakable, indelible mark on the world. Her relentless pursuit of her destiny means that women and girls around the world are learning, leading, and living differently. Her commitment to change means that socially-conscious entrepreneurs are leaning in to their responsibility to impact and lead with purpose. Her advocacy and willingness to be the voice means there is now a new, more profound conversation around women and their significant position as community and global leaders. A fervent speaker, Carlisha challenges audiences to pin-point their purpose and activate their inner go-getter to stand for something much greater than themselves. Her captivating message transcends the stage, including bookshelves as the bestselling author of Choosing Faith Over Fear: 14 Days of Life-Changing Lessons. The breakout book, released in November 2015, is a powerful, inspirational work for dream chasers who are ready to stretch beyond limits, burst through barriers and relentlessly pursue their true calling. Carlisha has been recognized for her remarkable work and continuous commitment to change with numerous awards including the 2016 Mayor’s Pinnacle Women of Year, 2015 Status of Women, 2014 YWCA’s 100 Women with Moxie and the 2013 Williams Women of Inspiration Award. As grateful as she is graceful, Carlisha honors God with her work and her life. She gives. She serves. She lives—passionately, purposefully and faithfully.
About Carlisha
Session Info Coming Soon
Zan Tyler
Zan Tyler and her husband, Joe, homeschooled each of their three children from kindergarten through high school, for a total of twenty-one years. When she began homeschooling in 1984, she was threatened with jail by the South Carolina State Superintendent of Education. After prolonged legal battles for the rights of her family and homeschoolers in her state, Zan founded the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS) in 1990 and served as its president for ten years. She has been honored as the South Carolina Homemaker of the Year, and in 1998 the governor awarded her the Order of the Palmetto, the highest South Carolina honor a civilian can receive. She has appeared on NBC’s Today Show with Katie Couric.
About Zan


We offer three different business breakout tracks – Business & Blogging, Social Media, and Hands On Workshops. You don’t have to stick to one track! Mix it up and choose the sessions you need most.


Virtual Assistants: The Key To Blog Growth
Alexis Mathews
Unlock the mysteries of hiring and working with a virtual assistant. In this session you will cover the definition of a VA - what they are and why every online business owner needs one (or more!). Learn where to find a VA and how to work effectively with your new hire. We'll squash the myth that VAs are expensive and bloggers cannot afford help. Alexis will show you that you can afford a VA no matter what stage of the blogging game you are currently walking - and why a VA is imperative to your growth.
Alexis got her start in the online world as a popular family blogger over ten years ago. Over those ten years, Alexis developed a deep understanding of online marketing and virtual assisting. She found that she loved working with entrepreneurs particularly work at home moms, as she is an entrepreneur and work at home mom herself! She also appreciated how many responsibilities an online business owner has to juggle and realized that virtual assisting could help entrepreneurs drastically increase their productivity and business success.
About Alexis
Advanced Time Management For Busy Bloggers
Melanie Wilson
If your blog is your business, are you managing your time like a CEO? Many bloggers wonder why they haven't been able to reach their blogging goals when they haven't updated their time management approach to reflect their business. In this session, Melanie will share research-backed strategies for beating procrastination, creating focus, and producing results. You'll come away with a plan for doing your own research on how you work best.
Melanie Wilson is a Christian psychologist turned homeschooling mother of six. She's been happily married to a book salesman for 24 years. She loves playing tennis with friends and family and has a new interest in Bible journaling. She is a blogger at Psychowith6.com, the podcaster behind The Homeschool Sanity Show, and the author The Organized Homeschool Life and Grammar Galaxy language arts curriculum. Melanie has been writing and speaking about productivity for many years out of her own need to make the most of her time. She enjoys connecting with homeschooling moms at HomeschoolScopes.tv.
About Melanie
Build An Effective Email List That Makes You Money
Heather Bowen
Your email list is a critical component for reliable revenue. In this session, Heather will dive into the essential skill of email marketing. She will share proven methods for building your email following and discuss ways to nurture your email list to ensure engagement. Once you have a great understanding of how to build an engaged list, Heather will guide you through the best email monetization practices and how to make your email list work for you.
Heather Bowen is a homeschooling mom of two daughters. She resides in Lumberton, NC with her husband, Andrew. Three years ago, Heather left her full-time job as a Labor & Delivery nurse to pursue professional blogging, and she hasn't looked back. Her blog, Life of a Homeschool Mom, is the sole source of income for her family. She is passionate about helping other bloggers achieve their blogging dreams and is always there to lend a helping hand and share a few encouraging words. Heather is thrilled to be speaking at 2:1 2016 and looks forward to connecting with you at the conference and through the 2:1 Network.
About Heather


Snapchat For Bloggers and Brands
Leah Nieman
Snapchat has been around since 2011. Brands and content creators are using Snapchat to produce daily stories that engage and excite audiences. There are over 1 billion views of Snapchat stories each day. With numbers growing, brands are joining the ranks to explore how to tap into this fast-growing social network. Join Leah for this hands on session. You’ll receive a pre-conference special handout and optional social media live sessions with guidelines and tips for setting up your Snapchat business account prior to the 2:1 Conference. During the workshop we’ll walk through using Snapchat for bloggers and brands, and discuss how to create a video narrative to personalize your brand. We’ll discuss specific ways to grow awareness for your brand. Get ready to Learn, Snap, and Share!
Leah is a wife, mom of 2 homeschool graduates. She’s a popular speaker who encourages parents to walk with their kids through the world of social media and technology so we raise a generation of digitally responsible young adults. You can find her eBooks Connected: Apps All Parents Should Know, and Connected: A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat, as well as tips on technology and social media at leahnieman.com.
About Leah
How to Rock Instagram
Lori Bryant
Build an Instagram account that is follow worthy! Lori has acquired over 72K followers on Instagram and is ready to share her Insta-secrets-of-success. In this session, you'll learn about the importance of photo composition, easy photo editing techniques and the best photo editing apps. Lori will discuss hashtags, feature accounts, challenges, hosting effective giveaways, community building, challenge hosting and more. You'll also learn tips for working with brands via your Insta-platform and reliable websites that connect Instagram influencers with brands for sponsored posts.
Lori Bryant is a homeschooling mom of four, and a self-taught braid enthusiast. She posts hair tutorials that make it easy to recreate her braided styles at hairbylori.com and on her YouTube channel. She is passionate about helping girls feel good about themselves through cute hairstyles and connect through the special bonding time that mom and daughters share when doing hair together. Lori began by sharing hairstyles on Instagram in June, 2014 and has been blogging since December, 2014
About Lori
Live Streaming Best Practices
Diona Navarro
The popularity of live streaming is growing at an amazing rate. Now is the perfect time to jump on this movement. Join Diona as she shares tips and tricks for your best lives streaming broadcasts. Practice live streaming - live during the session. And, learn to plan live streaming in your social media sharing schedule.
Diona was a world traveling professional dancer turned stay at home mom of 3. She resides in southern California with her husband Rick. She is passionate about encouraging women, through live streaming and blogging, to live life intentionally organized. In her blog, All Day Everyday Mom, she shares fun and practical ideas for homeschooling, family, faith, and motherhood.
About Diona


Planning a Social Media Campaign From Start to Finish
Heather Aliano
How do you launch a product, start a movement, or build a following? You can harness the power of social media to spread your message! In this session you will cover how to design your concept and message, how to evaluate your ideal audience and determine the best strategies to reach them.
Heather is a proud air force wife and homeschooling mother of four. She's the owner of Only Passionate Curiosity, a website that encourages homeschoolers and educators, while providing them with fun and creative resources. She's built OPC on the idea that everyone should be able to access quality educational materials at a price they can afford. She balances homeschooling, family life, blogging, and graduate school with a full time career as a social media strategist for a national non-profit serving military families. She's juggling a bit much, but she's learned that anything is possible with a solid support system, careful planning, and a lot of chocolate.
About Heather
How to Write Right
Brian Wasko
Content is the buzz word in the world of blogging and social media. But it's not just what you say that matters. How you say it can make a difference too. In this session, Brian will focus on some of the dos and don'ts of strong, vibrant blog writing. He'll talk about how to develop an authentic voice, what is really meant by the axiom "show, don't tell," how much to worry about grammar, and lots more. Geared for newbies and experienced bloggers alike, since even good writers can learn to write better. Come with questions!
Brian Wasko has been working with emerging writers since he starting teaching high school English in 1988. In 2001, he founded WriteAtHome.com, an online program dedicated to improving the writing skills of homeschooling teens. As an outlet for his passion for language and words, Brian launched the WriteAtHome Blog in 2011 as an online resource for writers, bloggers, and homeschooling parents. He's a dabbler in all sorts of social media, but his preference for the written word keeps him going back to Facebook. Brian attended last year's 2:1 Conference as a vendor and is excited to participate as a speaker this year. He'll be easy to spot. He's the guy.
About Brian
Affiliate Marketing: Make $$ Off Other People's Products
Jacqueline Cromwell
You have readers, right? You tell them about things you love? Organically? Awesome! Now you just need to monetize what you are already organically doing! It isn’t hard at all but it can seem overwhelming. Jacqueline will give you all the know how to have a successful and not sleazy approach to affiliate marketing!!! Get started in the wonderful world of affiliate marketing and make your life a little more profitable.
Blogger, consultant, nerd, geek, homeschooler and woman. Need more be said? Ok, here is a little more. Jacqueline runs NerdFamily.com while writing for other sites and manages social media as a freelancer as well teaching Google Analytics and serves as president of the board for a great non-profit.
About Jacqueline


This year, after a full schedule of conference events, we’re offering prayer and mentor groups. Those late night moments ful of meaningful conversation and insight? That’s what these women have to offer.


Focus: Blogging With Faith But Not About Faith
Tonya Prater
Tonya started her blog The Traveling Praters to stay sane while homeschooling her three teens and living in an RV. That was 7 years ago. They moved out of the RV, her teens have graduated and Tonya has transitioned from stay-at-home homeschool mom to professional blogger, co-host of a weekly travel Blab called Travel Coffee Chat, and is co-owner of Social Influencer Media, offering boutique social media services to discerning clients.
Focus: Finding Your Focus
Colleen Kessler
Colleen is a gifted specialist, educational consultant, author, speaker, and homeschool mom of four gifted/twice-exceptional kids. Her laser-focused blog, Raising Lifelong Learners, equips parents of gifted, and twice-exceptional children. Colleen can help you refine your laser focus, too.
Focus: Wise Team Building
7 Sisters
Working with others is complicated, but we are called to be the body of Christ, and bringing a team together as part of your business CAN be an incredible blessing. 7SistersHomeschool.com was built as a team, and Sabrina, Vicki and Kym know the power of teamwork. Their experiences creating a sisterhood and inviting others everywhere to be "the 7th sister" will inspire you; the practical strategies they share from their experience will equip YOU to bring a team dimension to your business; the wisdom they've gained from 5 years+ of successes and failures will save you from making some of the mistakes they did!


Focus: Marriage
Hal and Melanie Young
Hal & Melanie Young are the award-winning authors of Raising Real Men and My Beloved and My Friend: How to Be Married to Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses. They are publishers, writers, bloggers, and popular conference speakers internationally, known for their Christ-centered focus and practical, real-life stories. They are the parents of six real boys (three grown!) and two real girls and live in noisy, messy happiness in North Carolina.
Focus: Life's Curveballs and Crisis
Terrie McKee
Terrie McKee, married with four special needs children, blogs at NearYourAltar.com and AutismTrainBlog.com. Over Thanksgiving, her family suffered a tremendous tragedy when her husband was shot during an attempted armed robbery. During this encouragement session, she will share her testimony on Life's Curveballs and Crises and lead you in a time of prayer, healing, and encouragement.
Focus: Special Needs
Heather Laurie
Heather Laurie is a veteran homeschooling mom of 5 and advocate for the special needs community. She is blessed with the unique challenge of raising a family with a genetic disease that causes problems from learning disabilities, autism, to strokes. Heather is always ready to encourage, support, and pray with you along the path to learning outside the box.